Agent Training

Agents must complete annual training requirements in order to maintain an active certified status to market/sell WellCare products:

  • Annual Certification Training (ACT) in WellCare University
  • America’s Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) (i.e. Completion of the credit needs to be transferred and reflect as complete in WellCare University

Once enrolled, you will receive an enrollment email with subject line SM 2019 ACT – 1099 (PDF) prompting you to login to our training website, WellCare University to complete.

Further, please download the following tools to further navigate details on ACT and required technical settings:

Agent Connect Hierarchy Training

Agents contracted in a hierarchy level have the ability to invite new agents to contract within their downline! Download the Agent Connect Onboarding and Agent Workflow Deck for detailed steps to complete this task.

Click the tabs under Important Information to expand details related to application and enrollment, formularies and WellCare points of contact!

Important Information