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Sales and Marketing

Plan Materials

Sales materials can be found on the plan detail section of the WellCare homepage. Simply filter on the state, zip code and product type to find what you are looking for! Please download the Find my Plan Tool Guide (PDF) for detailed steps on locating plan materials.

Note: Sales materials are available for download and/or ordering through your Agent Connect portal!

Sales Presentation Videos – More Presentation Options!

Download sales presentations charts in video format as an alternative method for completing a compliant sales presentation with a beneficiary.

What does this mean for you? Seamless preparation for your appointments by eliminating the hassle of bringing/printing hard copy presentation charts.

Sales Presentations

Sales Presentation Videos

Agent Commissions

Download the 2020 Calculator for assistance calculating commission payments by market rates.

Market Commission Rates

MAPD States New to MA (2X) "Like" Enrollments and Renewals (Lifetime)
California, New Jersey $601 $301
Connecticut $542 $271
Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, Florida,
Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky,
Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, New York,
North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee,
$482 $241
PDP $74 $37

Formulary Tool

The online Formulary Tool allows users to search for specific medications covered/not covered by a plan, and assists beneficiaries with prescription specifics on dosage, brand/generic coverage, cost tiers, etc.! For assistance, watch our tutorial video!

Find a Provider Tool

The Provider Tool offers online search functionality within our provider/pharmacy directory, and includes a map/satellite view of provider locations along with a comparison of hours of operation, location and more. For assistance, watch our tutorial video!

Please download the Provider Tool Guide (PDF) and Formulary Tool Guide (PDF) to carry with you to your sales appointments.

Click the tabs under Important Information to expand details related to application and enrollment, formularies and and WellCare points of contact.

Important Information

Covered Medications

A formulary is a list of medications covered by a plan(s). We work with a team of health care providers to select prescription medications we believe are a necessary part of a quality treatment program.

We generally cover the medications listed in our formulary as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Medically necessary
  • Filled at a WellCare network pharmacy
  • Other plan rules are followed

Note: There are three ways to locate a drug using the Formulary Tool: alphabetically, by name and/or therapeutic class. Download the Formulary Tool Guide (PDF) for further assistance.

Access points of contact related to your inquiries.