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2021 Additional Benefits

Choosing a health plan is a big decision. We want you to have all of the information you need. To apply, learn more from the Commonwealth of Kentucky website.

No copays and no cost sharing for WellCare members.

Plus, you get all of these EXTRA benefits too!

Vision (Members 21+)

Choose new glasses or contacts every year. Members age 21 and over are eligible to receive an annual allowance of $150 to purchase eyeglasses or contacts every 12 months including a free eye exam.

Vision (Members 21 and under)

Choose one new pair of glasses every year, and receive a replacement if your glasses break or the prescription changes.  A free exam is included every 12 months.

Free Over-the-Counter (OTC) Items

Receive up to $25 in free health items like vitamins, medicine and diapers delivered to your home each month.

Each head-of-household is eligible to receive OTC items each month that are mailed directly to their home:

  • No prescription is required
  • OTC allowance amount based on the Kentucky member’s household size
  • Only WellCare of Kentucky Medicaid plan members residing in the same home will be counted as part of the household:
    • 1-person household - $10 per month
    • 2-person household - $20 per month
    • 3+ person household - $25 per month

Healthy Rewards

Enjoy premium rewards with free Amazon Prime memberships, Fitbits, and Visa® debit cards.

Members may receive a Fitbit, Amazon Prime membership, or a Visa debit card as part of the Healthy Rewards Program after he or she completes Healthy Rewards activities.

You can choose:

  • Fitbit when you complete two (2) Healthy Reward activities
  • Amazon Prime when you complete one activity to receive a three (3) month Amazon Prime Membership
  • A Visa Debit Card when you complete one activity

The more behaviors you complete, the more rewards you earn. Get a full list of all healthy behaviors that can earn you a reward.

Weight Watchers

WellCare offers this 6-month membership benefit. The program’s goal is to support healthy lifestyles and improve health outcomes, requiring:

  • Member must be 13 years old or older (must be accompanied by an adult if under the age of 18)
  • BMI must be greater or equal to 25 for adults 18 years or older (Children 13-19 ranked in 85% percentile)

*Member will have two options to select from WW – Weight Watchers Digital online only or Weight Watchers online with in person workshop

Cell Phones

Qualified members can receive a free cell phone through Safelink (tracfone) (PDF). Members will have access to 350 minutes and unlimited text messages and 4.5 GB of data. Unlimited talk and text for members with a high-risk pregnancy or chronic conditions.

Healthy Baby Program

Choose a free playpen, stroller, car seat or diapers after attending prenatal visits.

Free Text4Baby®

Free messages on your cellphone that offer health tips on pregnancy and baby’s first year. Just text BABY to 511411.

Boy Scouts

Free membership for boys ages 5-18 who join in the school year. We’ll cover the yearly membership fee and give $25 towards uniforms.

Girl Scouts

Free membership for girls ages 6-18 who join in the school year. We’ll cover the yearly membership fee and give $25 towards uniforms. WellCare will cover a one-year membership fee for members age 21 and older.

Sports Physicals

No co-pay for an annual physical from a PCP, for children ages 6-18.

Free GED Testing

A free GED test for members 16 and older who don't have a high school diploma. See our GED Eligibility Center for more details.

College Scholarship

Members have a chance to win one of 50 scholarships. Each scholarship is $1,000. Member must be at least 18 years of age. Member must be accepted to attend a College or a University of their choice.

To apply, please fill out the college scholarship application: English application or Spanish application

Reading Scholarship Application

We want to encourage the love of reading! To apply for your child, please fill out the Reading Scholarship Application form (PDF).

Steps2Success + WellCare Works

Meet your life and career goals with job coaching, interview tips, and more.

Criminal Record Expungement

Make a fresh start by expunging a criminal record. WellCare will help with application fees as allowed by law. Certification only.

Meals Program

The Meals Program is for members discharged from:

  • An inpatient hospital
  • Rehabilitation
  • Skilled nursing facility
  • Behavioral health facility

Meals are delivered within 14 days of discharge. Members get 10 meals per authorization.


WellCare of Kentucky members can save money and get additional discounts, two ways: OTC for Me and the CVS® Discount Card (for additional information sign in to the member secure portal)

24-hour Nurse Advice Line

Contact us any time day or night at (800) 919-8807 when you or a family member is sick, hurt or needs medical advice for a no cost call.

Community Connections Help Line

Call (866) 775-2192 for help with community services such as utility assistance, food banks, and transportation.

24-Hour Crisis Line

Call (855) 661-6973 anytime for help with drug and alcohol abuse and behavioral health emergencies. 

Additional Programs and Services