Why Choose WellCare of Kentucky?

WellCare of Kentucky Puts You First.

Welcome to WellCare of Kentucky. As you work with everyone here, you'll see that we put you first. This means you get better care. You're our priority. We work hard to make sure you get the care you need to stay healthy. To do this, we work with many different providers to give you care:

  • Primary care providers (PCPs)
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Specialists
  • Hospitals and other health care facilities
  • Labs
  • Pharmacies

Quality Improvement and Member Satisfaction.

We're always looking at ways to improve care and service for our members. Each year we select certain things to review for quality. We check to see how we're doing in those areas. We may also check to see how our providers are doing in those same areas. We want to know if our members are happy with the care and services they get. Want to know about our quality ratings? Give us a call. You can ask about how pleased members are with our plan too. You can also give us comments or suggestions about:

  • How we're doing
  • How we can improve on our services